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Greenthumbs in Elsternwick

July 21, 2010

Living in the City but wanting to Get Green? No Fuss.

Have you recently bought a cute as pie apartment in Elsternwick, Elwood or Caulfield from Stockies Elsternwick? I bet you are just loving the inner-suburban lifestyle, proximity amazing food and brisk walks along the beach.

But maybe you don’t have as much space as you’d like to make a little urban oasis. Don’t worry – Barry and the team are feeling a little ‘eco-organic’ and have come up with some interesting ideas. No matter how small your balcony or courtyard – you can still get in on the fresh veggie lifestyle.

Bags and boxes for growing vegetables have become an innovative solution to sun-lit winter backyards that turn into burn all summer hothouses. These brands include GreenSmart pots or EarthBoxes, which are self-watering mini gardens. Invented in Melbourne, Greensmart pots are UV resistant. You fill these little beauties with potting mix and water-retaining material and pop your seedlings in. Thanks to a water-reservoir below, the plants don’t lose any water and they can self-monitor their own drinking requirements!

This special reservoir means that you can go away for the weekend down to Lorne and not worry about your green little mates at home in Elwood. If you are hankering for Taties you could always grab a Digger’s Club potato bag which is made of uv-stable material. Pop in some compost and seedings – off you go to a bumper crop!

So no more excuses this summer – get green even on your patio.

*Stockdale and Leggo Elsternwick has gathered this information to provide an interesting document for readers and subscribers. Information contained herein is gathered from a range of sources including but not limited to; local Victorian press both virtual and hardcopy, Valuer General Information & Agents own investigations. All efforts are made to verify the information provided. The information is not to be relied upon or used in dealings with third parties and people should make their own investigations regarding their own property or personal circumstances. Opinions and observations offered should not be treated as fact.

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