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McMansions in Elsternwick – Yes or No?

August 16, 2010

Are McMansions the realisation of the Australian Dream – or an architectural blight on our urban landscape?

In a recent article by the Melbourne Leader, Planning Minister Justin Madden’s Department was criticized for allowing too many contemporary developments to be built. Planning is always a particularly contentious issue, particularly in areas North of the Yarra such as the City of Darebin and in Southerly suburbs like Glen Eira Council.

McMansions (a pejorative term to described generic, large and contemporary residences) are viewed by some communities to be negative and contrary to local heritage homes. The new homes can be much taller than their heritage forebears, and can potentially block out light to the older home during the day, which in turn affects how useful solar heating can be.

Do you think there have been too many new developments in Elsternwick of late – or just the right amount to contemporise the area?

*Stockdale and Leggo Elsternwick has gathered this information to provide an interesting document for readers and subscribers. Information contained herein is gathered from a range of sources including but not limited to; local Victorian press both virtual and hardcopy, Valuer General Information & Agents own investigations. All efforts are made to verify the information provided. The information is not to be relied upon or used in dealings with third parties and people should make their own investigations regarding their own property or personal circumstances. Opinions and observations offered should not be treated as fact.

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  1. August 16, 2010 2:14 pm

    Please, no more McMansions! Seems they are primarily built for the owner to display an enormous façade to the street, while the liveability (and energy costs) of the spaces inside fall by the wayside.

  2. Momma permalink
    January 16, 2011 4:51 am

    Please tell me on what planet people are clamoring for smaller closets, less spacious kitchens, less gracious living. I grew up in a neighborhood where the 1200 sf 1-story houses were replaced 2500 sf 2-story houses, which are now being replaced by 6,000-8,000 sf so-called “mcmansions.” My childhood home (one of the 2500 sf ones, and once the largest house on the block) has been torn down and replaced by a huge house, and a lovely one that I hope brings much joy to the new owners. If I had the means to own and maintain such a home, I would gladly live in such a house myself.

    As much as my memory recalls my childhood house as being well-built and elegant, it had a floor plan that is at odds with the way most families want to live today, and very easy to understand why the floor plan was not something that could be remedied with a little remodeling.

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